Ham Radio didn't start with Appliance Boxes! The Art of Troubleshooting Updated 2-07- 2023

Troubleshooting a Project! [ This TR-7 Resurrection project is now a link on the N6QW website. ] Updated 2/07/2023. Success! The 78L24 Voltage Regulator arrived and was installed in the TR-7. It is now operating on Receive! A little sample for your dining and dancing pleasure! You can see this project has driven me nuts! Next, we will focus on the transmit section with an interim stop to check out the FP-7 Power Supply. Update 2-06-2023. Ordered MC78L24. Order placed with Mouser and new cost $1.11 each based on Product Cost and Shipping + Tax and Tariffs. Mouser has advised a possibility of 1 to 2 days delay based on crap weather!  Their throw to the wall and hope it sticks prognostication is a Thursday 2-09-2023 delivery. This is now pushing 2 weeks for a simple part. So, Guess What shows up after placing the Mouser Order? You Never Can Win! But the 78L42 will be here in my hot hands TODAY! Pete, N6QW Update 2-05-2023, What would you do? Most likely anyone readin